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Master of Fine Arts in Painting, 1980. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY (Minor emphasis in College Faculty Development)

Max Beckmann Fellowship in Painting, 1973-74. Brooklyn Museum of Art School, Brooklyn, NY

Bachelor of Arts, 1973. Albion College, Albion, MI (Liberal Arts with major emphasis in visual arts)

Artist Statement

For years I created acrylic paintings, drawings, and woodblock prints that used the human figure as the core subject. These earlier works were based on my personal experiences in diverse places amongst a variety of people. I was looking for artistic solutions that could communicate a certain aggressive energy, through an expressive handling of paint focused on color and texture. Perhaps because I began to feel too comfortable working in this mode, in 2001 I decided to experiment with non-figurative forms - I chose to move away from the real world "stuff" that had anchored my earlier painting. I found that I liked the freedom of this new approach. My process and choices could be removed from any recognizable or suggested narratives. My family started to refer to this new work as the "truth series".

Working in this way, I feel that I am now thriving. My studio has become a wonderful place where I can teeter between irrational "visioning" and practical "constructing". I still feel my paintings are inspired by my daily experiences. I now daydream about shapes, colors, lines, and textures drawn from the world I see around me. I continue to use these observations as a starting point, but these perceptions now morph into compositions that convey more of my own inner world. The work excites and challenges me, with the possibilities seeming endless. I hope the shapes, colors, and textures will be compelling to viewers as well, drawing them through the portal of the painting and into the twists and turns of my imagination.

Exhibitions (select)

"Paintings by Ted Lind", Jack's Gallery, Wolfville, NS  2015

"Intangible Thoughts", Artzone Gallery, Halifax, NS  2015 (group exhibition)

"Groundless", Chapel Gallery, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Annapolis Royal, NS 2015 (group exhibition)

"Paper Work: Drawings by Ted Lind", Mym Gallery, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Annapolis Royal, NS, 2014  

"Out of My Mind: Paintings by Ted Lind", Chapel Gallery, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Annapolis Royal, NS, 2014  

"Black Dog", Artists Run Centre, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Annapolis Royal, NS, 2014 (group exhibition)  

"TEN", Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ, 2013 (group exhibition) 

"The Metro Show", City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ, 2009 and 2013 (group exhibition)

"Associations: Ted Lind & Scott Boberg." 1305 Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2007

"Paintings by Ted Lind", Enjoy the Arts Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2005

"Paintings & Drawings by Ted Lind", Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY, 1999-2000

"Juried Drawing Exhibition." Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY, 1999 (group exhibition)

"Winter Solstice." Rice Gallery, Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany, NY, 1998 (invitational group exhibition)

"Paintings by Ted Lind", Shelnutt Gallery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 1998 

"Mohawk Hudson Regional", Albany International Airport (sponsored by the Schenectady Museum), 1998 (Group exhibition)

"New York State Biennial." New York State Museum, Albany, NY, 1998